RIP Steve Jobs

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A Mac, an iPhone and an iPod mourn Steve Jobs' passing
Thanks for everything you brought to this world.

Uncanny resemblance

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Easter egg in your iPhone app? Don’t hide it from Apple

October 21st, 2009 § Comments Off on Easter egg in your iPhone app? Don’t hide it from Apple § permalink

Yesterday, when I logged into the iPhone Dev Centre, I was greeted with a “please agree to the new developer agreement” alert. As usual, I copied the text and diffed it with the previous version. The bulk of the changes had to do with allowing in-app purchases in free apps.

But the following change caught my eye: in section 12.2, “Termination”:

12.2 Termination
This Agreement and all rights and licenses granted by Apple hereunder and any services provided hereunder will terminate, effective immediately upon notice from Apple:

(f) if You engage, or encourage others to engage, in any misleading, fraudulent, improper, unlawful or dishonest act relating to this Agreement, including, but not limited to, misrepresenting the nature of Your submitted Application (e.g., hiding or trying to hide functionality from Apple’s review).

(emphasis added)

So be careful, hidden-unlockable-feature-mongers. Apple could terminate your licence!