Flash Player security misunderstanding

February 25th, 2007 Comments Off on Flash Player security misunderstanding

Up until now, I had been making some incorrect assumptions about Adobe Flash Player’s security model.

I had assumed that a SWF could not access anything outside of the domain from which it had been served, in general, without special allowances made by things like crossdomain.xml or System.security.allowDomain().

What I didn’t realize is that these domain restrictions do not apply to the simple use of, say, loadMovie() to load SWFs or JPGs from other domains! It is true that, in general, one SWF cannot read or alter information from another SWF that is loaded from another domain, but simply loading and displaying is fine.

And all this time I had shelved a number of ideas that I thought weren’t possible because of cross-domain issues. Hmmm…!

For reference, here is Adobe’s white paper on the Flash Player 9 security model (PDF) and a white paper on security-related APIs for ActionScript 1.0 and 2.0 (PDF).

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