MySpace layouts are a pain

March 2nd, 2007 § 2 comments

It seems that my new div-based pet codes are sometimes not showing up on some people’s layouts. Why not?

Due to MySpace’s generally crappy HTML, any CSS layouts have to use stupid selectors like table table table td.text table table div { whatever }. Insanity! See this great post for more insight on MySpace layout nuttiness.

Anyway, it appears that some MySpace layouts are targetting something inside some div that happens to also match my pet code, which itself lives inside a div. These selectors tend to aim to hide whatever it is they’re targetting with display: none or visibility: hidden. This means that my pets turn invisible too! Argh.

I’m not sure what to do about this exactly, except maybe go back to table-based code, or pepper inline style attributes everywhere. Or put everything inside a form, just to be perverse :P

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  • One of the best things I’ve seen is sillyness involving filter:alpha(..), -moz-opacity:.., opacity:.., and/or -khtml-opacity:.. being applied to the _entire_ layout. This causes every Flash object in affected by that style to go completely invisible in Safari, regardless of the actual opacity specified.

    I’ve already resorted to inlining border:none on all of our MySpace-bound img’s. I’m probably going to force opacity:1 to save Safari, and it sounds like that may be the direction you’re going in as well.

    We used a table approach for a while, and it had a lot less problems than CSS. Having to override stupidity is a pain. The most annoying issue that I didn’t predict was the CENTER tag. It pretty much screwed our image overlay positioning via CSS. =[

  • onemak says:

    try the layouts at

    but i dont know,
    i m not into myspace too much

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